For a successful business on the Internet, just creating a website and promoting it is not enough.

The web resource needs constant development and support, because in a highly competitive environment, potential buyers prefer sites that are constantly evolving, updating and working stably.

After launching the site, you will have many ideas for adding new functionality or upgrading and integrating with third-party services (1C, CRM, etc.). It is also necessary to constantly monitor the high-quality uninterrupted operation of the site and promptly eliminate technical errors.

The cost of support depends on the monthly number of hours of work:
€ 25 / hour - 100 hours or more
€ 35 / hour - 50 - 99 hours
€ 40 / hour - 30 - 49 hours
€ 50 / hour - open time

On a monthly basis, the Customer provides a list of necessary work, the project manager analyzes it and gives recommendations for the optimal solution. After a joint discussion, the final list of tasks, their priority and time to complete are approved.
At the end of the month, a report is provided indicating the time spent on each task.


Creation of new services

Integration with 1C, CRM systems, connection of online payments, etc.


Website code modernization

We update the source code of your website to ensure stable operation, fix errors that appear, and monitor security.


Image processing

We process, customize and optimize the images received from the customer for fast website loading. If necessary, we ourselves analyze and select the images you need, thereby making your life easier.


Content management

We fill the site with the customer's content: text, graphic filling, as well as video and audio.

Free audit of Your web-site

We`ll analize Your project and suggest You optimal tech support

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