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CRM system

CRM System - portal

Project description

Individually developed CRM system for internal use by a big company

  • internal documentflow system with dynamic distribution of user rights
  • using the HTML5 map of the Russian Federation with the display of sales by regions and regional centers.
  • using Google Charts services to build various sales charts
  • dynamic email distribution for the portal users
  • sending SMS notifications to the portal users
  • system of polls and voting and subsequent output of data in the form of graphics
  • use a dynamic calendar where users mark their absence and monitor the absence of other users
  • create your own task scheduler for efficient interaction and distribution of tasks within the team
  • dynamic creation of Word documents using the Google Docs API with possibility to download momentary generated documents
  • formation of complex reports to improve the performance of each user and the team as a whole
  • Reports on the movement of employees within the offices (the door chips connected)
  • Keeping company accounting
  • Integrated use of IP-telephony

Project details
  • Year of creation


  • Technologies


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