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«Cookies MD»

Launch date

March 2015



Republic of Moldova


In the manufacture of all types of desserts, «Cookies MD» confectionery uses only natural products, the composition of which is carefully studied. Unlike manufactured products, it does not use additional preservatives, palm oil or any other additives. Guaranteed quality and great taste!

Assigned tasks

  • Create an individual landing page for a pastry shop with the ability to order desserts without leaving home
  • Create shopping cart
  • Possibility of helping clients to calculate the required weight of the cut
  • Possibility of authorization as well as registration on the site (for new users)
  • Filter dessert by price
  • The ability to send news and unique offers to users


  • Hosting and server administration

  • Quick registration (only email)

  • Technical Support

  • Sorting and filtering

  • Mobile version (adaptive layout)

  • Online orders

  • Custom commenting systems

  • Setting up analytics, metrics and registration in search engines

  • Backend development

  • Frontend development

  • Registration via social networks (Fb / Google / others)

  • Registration via social networks (Fb / Google / others)

  • Registration via social networks (Fb / Google / others)

  • Registration via social networks (Fb / Google / others)

  • Registration via social networks (Fb / Google / others)



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